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Golf Mastery Online Lesson Bundle

Start consistently shooting lower scores with proven lessons from a Certified PGA Professional.



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Transform Your Golf

Get Access To Four Complete Online Training Programs (Over 40 Lessons) That Will Improve Every Aspect of Your Game

"I feel more confident than I ever have and when I do have an off day, I know why, and how to fix it."

Lonnie N.

"I used to really struggle with my putting. I would miss 4-5 short putts per round and it was killing my game. Since buying the Proven Putting Program I'm already down to 1-2 per round and sometimes none at all."

Nick F.

"The lesson on how to fix a slice alone was worth the price of the entire program."

Brett D.

Meet Your Instructor

Cyrus Janssen is a Certified PGA Professional with 15 years of experience coaching golf and over 10,000 hours of instruction.


Start Playing Your Dream Golf

The Golf Mastery Bundle gives you the step-by-step instruction you need to consistently play better golf.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. "How do the training programs work?"

Your Golf Mastery Bundle includes Golf Workout Program membership and lifetime access to all 4 of our Proven Training Programs (Distance, Putting, Short Game, and Bunker) totaling over 35 video lessons with key principles you can apply to your golf game immediately.

2. "What if I don't have time to practice right now?"

Don't worry — all of our programs come with lifetime access so you can take them at your own pace and defer back to the lessons at any time. It's like having a 2-Star PGA Professional on call to give you lessons whenever you need them.

3. "Why not just go take lessons at my local golf course?"

You could do that... but the cost will add up fast.

A typical lesson at your local course will cost you anywhere from $50-$200 depending on the instructor. The same 40+ lessons included in this bundle at your local golf course will cost you between $1,750 - $7,000!

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Don't spend $7,000 on lessons at your local course... Get the Golf Mastery Bundle today for just $149!

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